Building a Potato Container

In an effort to save some money and do our bit for the environment, we’re starting to grow our own fruit and vegetables.

We’ve had fruit trees for a few years, and recently planted strawberries, broccoli, capsicums, chills, carrots and a variety of herbs, but we’ve been holding out on the potatoes until we found the best (cheapest) method.

We finally got there, and all for the grand total of $0!

potato edit

Using some old pallets, Matt cut the wood down to size to make interlocking slats that would become the sides of our container.



He then cut grooves in the tops and bottoms of the slats so that they would interlock.

Penny was keen to help out.





The interlocking slats will make the container easy to pull apart when we’re trying to get our potatoes out later.


Now that construction’s complete, we just need to move the container down to the veggie patch and get ourselves some straw so that we can start planting potatoes!

Abby xx

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