My Shopping List and Calendar

I am not a very well organised person. I love the idea of being organised, and creating new systems to help me keep on top of everything, but when the novelty wears off, my new systems are usually ignored and then fail.

My shopping list and Calendar system is the exception to the rule. I created these six months ago (that’s pre-baby), and I’m still using both!


The shopping list has been tweaked numerous times as our tastes and requirements change, but it’s working well for me at the moment.

The Calendar and shopping list live on the side of our kitchen pantry, usually covered by aprons, dog leads etc. I find them most useful here because it is fairly central in our home and the place I’m most likely to think of things that need to be added to the shopping list.


For a few months, the clipboards floated around our house, from desk, to kitchen bench, dining table and the lounge. Eventually this annoyed me enough that I decided they needed a permanent home, but I wanted them to still be portable so they were easy to write on.

I ended up buying some adhesive velcro tabs, to attach them to the side of the pantry. This has worked perfectly.


The left hand column of my Calendar is where I record appointments, dinner dates, bills due, etc. On the right I have sections to record things I need to do, things I’d like to do (because lets face it, sometimes the stuff I put on my to do list isn’t all that necessary), the weeks dinners planned out and anything important coming up that I need to keep in mind.


My shopping list is broken down into sections so that I can stand in front of my fridge and tick items off, then go to the fridge, pantry, bathroom, laundry, doing the same. I use the boxes next to each item to record amounts needed or when I’m lazy, I just tick them. The sectioned list also makes it easier for me to stay on track whilst shopping.


Every Monday morning I grab the calendar and shopping list and sit down to plan out my meals and add anything I need to my shopping list.

It’s quick, easy and looks pretty, which matters far more to me than it probably should!

If you’d like your own copy of the Shopping list to alter and use you’ll find it here.

Do you have a calendar or shopping list system that works well for you? What features do you find most helpful in your system?

Abby xx

2 thoughts on “My Shopping List and Calendar

    1. I made it myself. Pre-baby. I typed it up in a word document. Not sure I’d have the time to sit down and type all those dates out now!

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