Our bedtime routine

We like to keep our bedtime routine fairly simple.

At 7:30pm, Miss E has her bedtime bottle with either Matt or I.

We then say goodnight to Penny, her toys, Mummy and Daddy on the way to bed.

Then either Matt or I, put her into her sleeping bag and start singing her goodnight song – ‘Moon Moon Moon’ by Laurie Berkner.


We place her in her bassinet, finish singing her goodnight song, and then press Mr Seahorse’s belly before we leave. Mr Seahorse is the The Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse. It’s belly lights up and plays five minutes of music when you press it. This is usually just long enough for our little lady to go to sleep.


Sometimes we need to go back in and re-settle her a few times, but most of the time, our routine works perfectly.

We chose to keep the routine simple so that we can still use it when our evenings are disrupted by being out or having guests over, when a bathing, or reading routine might be a little more difficult. We also make sure that we take turns putting her to bed, to try avoiding her becoming fussy about who puts her to bed. This is working for now, but I imagine we’ll have to change it up a little over time.

As she gets older we will probably bring a bedtime story into the mix as well.

Do you have a bedtime routine with your little ones? What do you do?

Abby xx


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