May Roundup

May. I like May. The Autumn leaves are beautiful, winter’s just around the corner, I’m experimenting with my winter wardrobe but not sick of it yet.

This month:

  • I got serious about blogging. I stopped just entertaining the idea of writing regularly, took the plunge and bought a domain.
  • I’ve enjoyed watching the autumn leaves in our creek.


and patiently waited for the bulbs to start poking up through the fallen leaves.


  • Miss E turned 5 months old and I’ve watched her learn to roll from back to belly, and then spent most of my days rolling her onto her back again when she gets frustrated.
  • I had my first night away from Miss E when we went to our 10 Year School Reunion and she stayed overnight with my parents. I only wish we’d gone to bed a little earlier than 1:45am to take advantage of a good nights sleep!

I’ve been making:

  • Bibs as gifts for friends that are having babies soon
  • I’ve started and stopped many crochet projects. I get bored with crochet projects pretty quickly. Right now I’m crocheting a baby blanket, crocheting two strands at a time to make it extra thick and soft. Let’s see if I ever finish this one!


I’ve been watching:

  • TED talks.

Many of them! I watch/listen to them while I’m sewing or crocheting.

Here is one of my current favourites, about the anxieties of modern parenting.


I’ve been reading:

  • Home is where the heart is by Geraldine Cox.


A fascinating autobiography about Geraldine and her journey from working in Foreign Affairs to supporting an orphanage in Cambodia. This book made me laugh and cry many times, and reminded me to be grateful for all the small things in life that I often take for granted.

Learn more about Gerladine’s work at


Looking forward to seeing what June brings!

Abby xx

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