Welcome Winter

I’m one of those people that spends Winter whinging that I wish it were Summer and then whinges in Summer that I wish it were Winter. I love Spring and Autumn, and those first few weeks of Summer and Winter when the change in weather is still a novelty.

My reasons for being excited about Winter right now:

  • I get to rediscover the winter wardrobe that I didn’t get to wear last winter while pregnant. Hooray for skinny jeans!
  • Cosy scarves and beanies.
  • Snuggling up on the couch with blankets, coffee and a book.
  • I don’t have to water the garden, and it always looks green and lush!
  • No flies, mosquitoes or snakes around, but lots of frogs 🙂
  • Hearty winter meals; stews, roasts and chocolate pudding!
  • Red wine season!


Yes, all lovey dovey feelings towards Winter just now. Give me a few weeks and I’ll be whining about laundry not drying, endless rain, being too cold and never-ending gas bills again.

Abby xx

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