DIY Perpetual Calendar


I wish I was the kind of person that had the discipline to keep a daily journal. I’ve tried to start a few over the years, but I always get a couple of weeks in, and then it seems to get too hard. Realistically, I don’t have time to be writing in a journal everyday (okay thats a lie, I just prefer watching re-runs of Big Bang Theory, browsing Pinterest or playing 2048. So yeah… no time), but I’m not willing to give up on record keeping.

Three years ago I stumbled across this on Pinterest (Oh the irony!) and decided that this was my kind of record keeping. One line to describe my day each day.

Using a small basket, some index cards and some old postcards I made my very own perpetual calendar.

The most time consuming part was dating 366 index cards (can’t forget Feb 29!) and trimming the post cards down to size.

I picked out 12 pretty postcards from my stash, trimmed them down to size, and made them my month dividers. I then simply arranged the cards all in order, put them in the basket, and I was done.


I keep the basket in the top draw of my bedside table. Each night when I go to bed, I pull it out, write the year on the next line and a quick one line summary of what I did that day.

It’s not all that exciting for the first year that you’re filling it in, but as the years roll by and you see what you did on that same day in previous years it becomes an enjoyable walk down memory lane.


I’m already coming across memories I’d already forgotten.

Are you a record keeper as well? How do you record the little things?

Abby xx

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