4 Fun Songs to Sing with Babies

I’m a great lover of music. I play music in my home and car everyday. I sing and hum to myself all the time, and occasionally dabble with playing the piano and guitar (not very well!)

That said, Miss E had no chance but to be surrounded by music too.

We have 4 songs that both Matt and I regularly sing with Miss E, and she loves them all. Teamed with actions, we can jolly her out of a bad mood and put a smile on her face almost instantly when we sing these songs.

Our four favourites –

1. Rockabye Your Bear – The Wiggles


This video shows the actions as well. I usually sit with Miss E sitting on my lap, facing me, and I hold her hands while going through the actions with her.


2. Hickory Dickory Dock

Sit baby on you knee and sway from side to side, then wiggle her up and then down as the mouse runs up and down the clock. We usually get a little giggle with our wiggle 🙂


3. Row your boat

Sit baby on your knee, hold their hands and row back and forth as you sing.


4. Der Glumph (went the little green frog)

Sit baby on your knee and jump a little with each ‘der glumph’. Sway side to side with the ‘la de da de da’s’.

I started singing this one with Miss E when she was only a couple of weeks old. It’s still her favourite.


We also sing our bedtime song with Miss E (as mentioned in this post) at bedtime and to calm her down when she’s upset.

As Miss E gets older, and can sit up on her own, we’ll introduce Incy Wincy Spider and a few other favourites.

She’ll be another great lover of music in no time!

Abby xx




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