Laptop to Desktop – Why I made the change

For as long as I’ve owned my own computers, I’ve always had laptops. Throughout university, and then as a teacher, my own laptop was a necessity.


I’ve had the MacBook pictured above for about four years, and this is how I usually used it. Sitting on the couch.

When Miss E came along I would often spend time on the floor with her, with my laptop next to me, half playing with her, half playing with the computer.

A couple of months ago when Matts’  laptop died, we decided it was time we upgraded. With neither of us studying, and I no longer teaching, the requirement for a laptop really wasn’t there. Matt felt the same towards his laptop, and so we decided to buy a desktop computer instead.


Which meant I had to clean the desk because it looked like this…


Too many craft projects, not enough organisational skills…

A quick clean up, and our new computer was feeling quite at home.


I’m so glad we made the decision to buy a desktop, because;

1. It’s new and shiny and so much quicker than our old laptops.

2. It forces me to keep the desk tidy.

3. Most importantly, I can’t drag it over to the couch or on the floor with Miss E, meaning I give my full attention to her when I’m with her.

I’m still surprised by how quick it is when I’m uploading photos, listening to music, facebooking and googling all at the same time. Then again, I’m fairly easily amused, and far from computer literate.

and no, the desk does not look that tidy anymore, but it’s not as messy as it was before either. Small growth 🙂

Abby xx

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