Our Backyard: Before and Now

Today I thought I would share my backyard with you.

We bought this house nearly two years ago, almost entirely because of the backyard. It certainly didn’t look anything special, but we could see potential.

This is what our yard looked like on the day we got our keys.

IMG_4342This is what it looks like now.


Not perfect by any means, nowhere near finished, but much better already!

Things that have happened in these photos

  • many trees pulled out
  • old side fence and retaining removed
  • New side fence and retaining put in.
  • ground levelled
  • aviaries removed
  • tank stand put in
  • sand pit in and path carved out but yet to be laid


This area, directly behind the house was filled with rain tanks and aviaries, which we soon removed.

and now it looks like this –


Aviaries and tanks gone, and the old tank stand is soon to become part of our new pizza oven!

Our favourite part of our backyard, and the reason for buying this house, is the creek. This part of our yard has had a little tidy up, but has had no major changes other than Matt building stairs from the top to bottom.


IMG_2760Unfortunately when we did a lot of earth moving, we lost most of these flowers.

This is our creek more recently, after some heavy rain.




Every time we have heavy rain, we head down to have a look. It’s so exciting to see it in flow.

At the beginning of Autumn I planted a variety of bulbs up both sides of the creek. Some are just starting to shoot up, and I can’t wait for Spring to hurry along so I can see them all in flower.

We still have a huge amount of work ahead of us in this backyard to make it our own, and we’ll probably never finish, but we’ll have a lot of fun trying!

Abby xx



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