Kudos to all the single parents!


You may have noticed things have been a little quiet on the blog here these last couple of weeks. We’ve had a bit of a run of bad health, and anything we had that might resemble a routine was thrown out the window. To make matters worse, Matt was overseas with work the entire time. So we spent a lot of time like this. Living in our pyjamas, grabbing snippets of sleep when we could.

Miss E and I both had Hand, Foot and Mouth. Thankfully we overlapped at different stages, with her on the improve when I was at my worst. We were also very lucky to have my Mum come stay the night and share the sleeplessness when Miss E was at her worst.

It was a long, difficult couple of weeks that lead me to this conclusion:

Single parents are SuperMums and SuperDads!

To be able to cope with children’s illness, when you’re ill as well, and keep the rest of your world afloat at the same time, takes huge strength. Parents that manage this on their own are incredible, and I take my hat off to you all!

Lucky for me, just as Miss E and I were both healthy and getting normal sleep again, Matt was home. I’ve never appreciated him so much as what I did while he was away!

Happy to all be healthy again 🙂

Abby xx

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