Homemade Facewashers


I’ve reached a whole new level of frugality.

I made my own facewashers. Yep, I even surprised myself there.

We’ve just started Miss E on solids in the last couple of weeks, and I’ve quickly discovered that this solids business is messy work! So, we’re going through face washers quicker than I can wash and dry them.

I remember someone saying to me when I was pregnant, that you can never have too many face washers. I guess I didn’t pay too much attention to them at the time because we only own nine, and nine is definitely not enough.

So while most would probably pick up a packet of face washers the next time they were out shopping, I decided to try my hand at making some.

Using some left over bits of wool, I crocheted these two face washers. You probably don’t need me to tell you that I didn’t use a pattern. I just winged it. The idea is cute, the execution could be better. Those crinkly edges aren’t great, but crinkly edges or not, I’m sure they’ll still work for washing little apple and carrot covered faces!

If you’ve never crocheted before, this would be a quick and easy first project. I’d recommend you watch some youtube tutorials first so that your creations are a little more square than my experiments.

I’ll chuck these in the washing machine today and see if they survive. If they prove their worth, I’ll make some more, and if not, I can always buy a packet of them next time I’m shopping!

Abby xx


4 thoughts on “Homemade Facewashers

  1. Cotton is really good for facecloths as it’s really absorbant. They’re lovely and bright and colourful. Weaning is a messy business isn’t it xx

    1. I’ll have to try some cotton ones next time, thanks Louise 🙂 I’d fully expected that I’d have to wash around her mouth after each feed, but doing the same for her nose, between her eyes, her hands, and the majority of the highchair had not occurred to me! I guess I should be thankful she doesn’t have a head full of hair to fill with food yet 😛

  2. We got given heaps of cheap bundles of face washers from Best n Less which we now have stashed in the top drawer of our bathroom vanity. Lots are worse for wear and stained but they are handy. You could always get your sewing machine out and whip some pretty ones up too. The pictured ones look great.

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