Baby bag essentials

in my baby bag 2

I have a love/hate relationship with my Baby Bag.

I love it because it’s beautiful and practical. I hate it because I feel like I’m constantly having to restock it, check that everything I need is in it and then lugging it around everywhere. If only everything that a baby needs could fit in my handbag.


It took me a while to work out what I really needed in my Baby Bag, and as it turns out, it was only about half of the stuff I lugged around everywhere for those first few weeks.

My Baby Bag essentials are:

Firstly, a practical (and pretty) baby bag. We’re talking big, lots of pockets and compartments, a long strap to go over the shoulder, and handles to carry by your side. I have the Mimco Zetta baby bag, and I love it!

baby bag

I carry everything I need for a change on the go. Here we have nappies, wipes, a tiny tube of nappy rash cream, hand sanitiser, change mat (came with bag), nappy sacks & a change of clothes.

changing items

To keep the nappies and wipes neatly together, I made a simple little strap to go around them with some velcro on the inside and a cute button just for whimsy.

nappy strap

For feeding, I carry bibs (pretty handmade ones & practical terry towelling ones), a burp cloth, bottles, a bottle/food cooler bag, food/snacks in small containers, a portable spoon & a thermos for warming bottles on the go. This part of my bag has changed many times. Miss E drank only Expressed milk for the first three months, so we had to keep the milk in the cooler bag, and take a small container and thermos full of hot water to heat the milk in. Now she’s on formula, we carry a bottle of sterilised water and a thermos full of hot water to add to the bottle to get the right temperature. We’ve only just started venturing into the world of solids, so the spoon and food containers are new to us, so this configuration may change.


I made a heap of burp cloths myself. I’d love to say the idea was all mine, but it was Matt that suggested they be made in this shape, so that they neatly fit over the shoulder. They’re made with pretty fabric on one side, and terry towelling on the other.

burp cloths

So that Miss E doesn’t get bored when we’re out and about, I also carry a floor mat that I can put down anywhere, and a couple of small, lightweight toys.

play stuff

The floor mat is just a small patchwork quilt I made out of scraps, and as you can see by this crinkly photo, it lives rolled up in the baby bag ready to be pulled out when we’re visiting friends or family.
floor mat

This little taggy toy was something I quickly put together before Miss E was born. It’s just a piece of cotton, with a mink backing, and some ribbons sewed in loops around the edge. I then attached this little plastic loop for chewing on, or attaching it to the side of the pram. Miss E loves sucking on this, so it needs to be washed regularly!

taggy toy

I also carry a stockpile of spare dummy’s and some sunscreen, just in case.

dummy n sunscreen

and if the weather is as cold and gloomy as it is here now, I carry a fleece or flannelette blanket and beanie as well.

cold weather

and that, is my baby bag!

For now, I long for a day when I no longer have to carry one of these everywhere I go!

Abby xx

2 thoughts on “Baby bag essentials

  1. You are so creative! I love that you made the diaper strap, blanket, burp cloths and taggy blanket! And they’re all so pretty!

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