My Veggie Garden


This is my Veggie garden. It’s really nothing special. Mostly because I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing, but it’s a learning experience.

Here’s what’s happening in our Veggie garden at the moment:


I’ve grown these carrot seedlings from seeds, and recently transplanted them into the veggie patch.

IMG_7030We have heaps of strawberry plants, but I’ve yet to eat a single strawberry from them, as the birds always get them first. I have the bird netting ready to put up. I just need to get organised and do it!


Here’s our first broccoli flower. We ate it with dinner a few days after this photo. No one’s died yet, so we’ll call it a success!


Chilli’s! We always end up with far more chilli’s than we know what to do with. I guess we’ll dry some of these out.


One of my favourite parts of our garden is tending to the passionfruit vine everyday. I love winding all the new little runners onto the wire, and I’m constantly astounded at how quickly it grows.

IMG_7033I wish I could say this was our chicken. Unfortunately not. This is one of our neighbours nosy hens watching me tend to my garden. Hopefully we’ll have some chooks of our own one day.

We’ve yet to set up the Potato Container I mentioned in this blog post. We’ve got our seed potatoes ready, we just need to get our hands on some straw, and then we’ll place it next to the Veggie Garden.

I’m looking forward to growing some cucumbers, tomatoes and baby spinach later down the track too.

So much to learn, and work to do, but we’re having fun with it!

Abby xx

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