4 Helpful App’s for Mum’s

4 helpful apps

I’m no technology whiz, by any stretch of the imagination. That’s probably obvious by my use of the technical term ‘technology whiz’. I do however own an iPhone, and kind of know my way around it. Since becoming a Mum, I’ve found a few apps that I love and have helped me out along the way.

Here are some of my favourites:

What to Expect

This is a great FREE pregnancy app. You’ll get weekly updates on how your baby is progressing, what size they are, new developments etc. Along with the millions of books I read, I really enjoyed having this app to tell me what was happening that week in my pregnancy.

The Wonder Weeks

This is a paid app ($2.49 in Australia), but I truly believe it was worth what I paid for it! This app is designed to support the Wonder Weeks book (which I do not have) but works well on it’s own as well. This app tracks the weeks of your babies life from birth to almost two years old, and explains when they are experiencing ‘Wonder Weeks’ or developmental leaps. I’ve found this app helpful in understanding why my baby is unsettled and frustrating easily at times, and I’ve found myself picking up on new developments (i.e. following moving people with their eyes) as they’ve been happening, because I’ve been reading about them on Wonder Weeks.


This is by far my favourite FREE app. A photo sharing app, designed for parents to share daily photos and videos of their little people with family. I originally downloaded this app, just so that I could share regular photos with interstate family members, but with a husband who also travels regularly for work, this app has been so handy. By putting all the days photos and videos on there, family can stay connected, see how she’s growing, and we’re not overwhelming Facebook and Instagram with thousands of updates all the time. You have complete control over who sees your photos and videos by sending invitations via email to those people you want to share with. For me, the only people able to view are Matt, Miss E’s grandparents, aunties and uncles.

The pictures are displayed in a calendar format and everyone receives a daily email telling them when there are new photos and videos available. There are also options to keep records of height, weight, and milestones on the app, but I haven’t bothered much with that. I get a message on my phone at 6pm every day, reminding me to upload if I haven’t already for that day. It takes me a few minutes a day to share these, but means so much to all of our family, all of whom are addicted to this app!


This one is not just an app, but a wrist band you also buy. It’s a bit of an outlay, I’m lucky I received mine as a birthday gift. I have the Fitbit Flex, a wrist band I wear 24/7, that records how many steps I take a day and also records my sleep. I have found it most helpful for recording my sleep. Teamed with the app, you can record and look at your sleep patterns and how much sleep you’ve had. As a new mum, getting up many times in the night, I’ve found this great for telling me exactly how much sleep I’ve had. When I get up in the morning and read that I’ve had 3 hours sleep, I know that I need to take a nap at some point during the day when Miss E is napping. If it tells me I’ve had 5 or more hours sleep, I figure that’s enough to survive on, and I power on. The image below is a screen capture of the app one morning when I hadn’t had a very good night of sleep!


The main purpose of a Fitbit is to record how many steps you’re taking. The goal is to reach 10,000 steps a day. You can keep track of how many steps you’re taking through the app, and the wristband will vibrate and light up when you reach your goal. A few other cool functions that I’ve yet to use are:

  • you can set an alarm on it that will gently vibrate to wake you in the morning.
  • you can also record how many calories and glasses of water you’ve consumed each day.
  • it tells you how many calories you have burned.
  • you can share your data with other friends who have Fitbits.

and to think, all those years mothers mothered without smart phones! Ha!

Abby xx

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