Taggy cube

IMG_3394I cannot be the only Mum with a baby who’s obsessed with tags. Miss E loves them, as you can see above where she’s rolled away from all of her toys to play with the tag on the bottom of her fold out couch.

She likes to play with the tags on clothes, blankets, toys, furniture and anything else she can get her hands on. They really don’t seem all that interesting to me, but since she’s determined to love them, I decided to feed her obsession by making her a taggy cube.

tag cube

Using some left over scraps of fabric and ribbon, I simply cut out 6 squares and sewed them together in a cube with ribbons in each seam.

tag cube 2

Before stuffing the cube, I popped in a plastic egg (left over from easter) with a bell inside, and then stuffed around it and sewed it up.

eggThe whole thing took me about an hour to put together, and now I can’t wait to see what Miss E thinks of it!

tag cube 3

Abby xx


2 thoughts on “Taggy cube

  1. This is fantastic, I’ve not seen something like this before! I’ve seen plenty of taggie blankets but not a cube! It’s an amazing idea! I love the bell in the egg too – genius 🙂

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