Bedside Table Test

I believe that if you look at someones bedside table, you’ll learn a lot about them.

If you look inside their bedside table you’ll probably learn more than you want to know about them…

bedside table

This is a photo of my bedside table, mid morning on a Sunday, but it looks pretty much like this all the time, unless we have visitors coming over and I’ve just done a mad clean up.

So what does my bedside table say about me:

  • I’m not a neat and tidy person.  Everything is covered in dust, there’s a cobweb in the lampshade and not one of the three drawers is pushed all the way in, probably because something has slipped down the back of them, and so the drawer won’t slide all the way in. I don’t clean anywhere near as often as I should!
  • I’ve got a cold at the moment. Tissues and water close at hand
  • I like to read, but can’t commit to one book at a time. I draw the line at 5 books. Any more than that and I can’t keep up.
  • I’m a Mum. Video monitor by my bed and a parenting book.
  • I have a husband with a silly sense of humour. That photo frame is made up of lots of little photos of Penny in the shape of the words ‘Monkey Chicken’. Somehow, this became our pet name for each other and the dog. Matt made this little masterpiece for me last Christmas.
  • I love music. My alarm clock has iPod/iphone connectivity, and I use it to listen to audiobooks, podcasts and music.
  • I wish I was fit and healthy. That’s my Fitbit, sitting on the bedside table, not on my wrist where it should be, and that glass babushka doll is a little carafe, that’s supposed to make me drink me more water. It’s empty, because I keep forgetting to fill it, but at least I’ve got my drink bottle there right?!
  • My mind runs at a hundred mile an hour, 24/7. There’s a pen sitting there, and a notepad underneath my bedside table, to write down all the little things that occur to me just after I go to bed.

and that’s what my bedside table says about me!

Abby xx


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