Always my baby

IMG_3973Look at this little puppy, cuddled up on Mum’s lap. Or not so little puppy!

In fact, as far as she’s concerned, not even a dog, just the hard done by eldest child.

One night last week I forgot to say goodnight to her when I put her out to bed. So she whined at the back door for twenty minutes until I went out there and said “Goodnight Penny. Sweet dreams” and gave her a kiss goodnight. It’s just not bedtime if you don’t get a bedtime kiss!

Another night last week, I got up more times in the middle of the night to resettle Penny the dog than I did Miss E the baby. There’s only so much whinging at the back door that you can put up with before you have to go out and remind the dog that it is ‘bedtime’.

I have two children in this house. One’s just a lot furrier than the other.

Abby xx


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