Another triangle quilt

It seems I have a triangle quilt addiction.

I’ve recently started another equilateral triangle quilt, to get through some of my many fabric leftovers.

It’s the biggest quilt I’ve attempted yet, to fit a single bed.


IMG_4205Lots and lots of triangles. I originally worked out that I was going to need 216, then as I started cutting them out I began to wonder whether I’d miscalculated. Yep, I only needed 132. Glad I realised that before I’d cut out 216!

IMG_4208Taking up half my lounge room floor.

IMG_4210My very professional method for keeping them in order.

IMG_4281The top all together, and some evidence of my triangle addiction, with the triangle quilt Miss E uses as a play mat, on the floor.

Now to go buy some batting, make the backing and some bias tape, and we’ll be ready to quilt!

but, I’m already distracted by the next project….

IMG_4282Abby xx

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