A tale of two boots

All the way back in 2008, Matt and I planned our first overseas adventure together. It was to be my first ever overseas trip, and we were certainly not doing it in halves. In December 2008 and January 2009, we visited the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Singapore. We left a stinking hot Australian summer, and headed to the cold and snow for two months.

Growing up in Australia, I’d never before seen snow, and didn’t have a wardrobe suited for that kind of cold. In my shop-up before I went, I bought some leather boots to keep my tootsies warm. At the time (I was only 21) their $150 price tag seemed crazy to me, even if they had been marked down from an original price of $300. Little did I know, they would be worth every cent of that $150, with me wearing them for another seven years, and taking them on another trip to Canada and New Zealand as well!



???????????????????Las Vegas, USA.

They’ve since become a staple in my winter teaching wardrobe and served me well in all kinds of settings.


IMG_2581for Book Week at work.

IMG_4521These boots have even kicked down walls.

So it is with deep sadness that these old lovelies be replaced and retired.

IMG_4393These two new pairs have a lot to live up to!

2 bootsAbby xx



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