Stranger Danger

If you haven’t already read it, check out this blog post, regarding the advice strangers love to give on all things baby.

It made me chuckle, and think of a frustrating trip I had to the supermarket a couple of months ago.

Though I’m often frustrated by the ‘advice’ everyone loves to give, whether wanted or not, I’m aware that I’m guilty of offering unsolicited advice at times myself. This trip was more frustrating because of all the people who stopped us and just wanted to chat.

I think I summed up my frustration pretty well in my Facebook rant:

Irrational cranky Mother-of-a-teething-baby rant – Trying to zoom around Coles, getting my grocery shopping done as quickly as possible, with a rosy cheeked, teething, with a temperature, trying to sleep baby in the trolley. Stopped no less than 8 times by people asking what her name was, how old she was, how well she sleeps, how well I sleep, am I enjoying being a mother and telling me about their grandchildren. 

and me trying to smile politely, answer quickly and keep moving, but really wanting to scream at them ‘Leave us alone!’ lol.

Consider another person you might see in Coles, clearly busy and not up for a chat. Let’s say a Middle aged man or woman, dressed in a business suit, standing at the express counter in their lunch break. How many times do you think would be appropriate to ask them how old they are, what there name was, how well they sleep, how well their parents/children/dog sleeps, whether they enjoy being a business person and then have me tell them all about my grandparents?

Time I started online shopping!

It turned out that my rosy cheeked bubba had Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, so those strangers that stopped and touched her (another of my pet peeves) were probably regretting doing that later!

I’ve just about mastered the ‘no eye contact’ approach when I’m shopping in a hurry. Most of the time it works, but there are always a few over enthusiastic, determined individuals that can’t resist a squishy baby cheek.

I’ll probably be one of those old ladies myself one day.

Abby xx

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