The Labrador Club

If you have a labrador in your life, you’re probably just like me and drawn to every labrador, or labrador related thing you see. If I see a labrador, I have to pat it (unless of course it is a working assistance dog). I love the look of fear a labrador owner often has, as you approach their dog, and they start warning you that ‘they’re very excitable’. When you mention that you have a labrador as well, they immediately relax, and suddenly you’re being bombarded with slobbery dog kisses. Oh how I love them!

Yes, we labrador owners are like members of our own club. We just know.

and love.

So, for some of my fellow labrador lovers, a few meme’s that tickle my fancy 😛

4c2469f4bf776e546619d768028be720found here.

funny-epic-animals-0found here

awesome-derpy-adorable-dogs-22-b23b7def-sz530x389-animate-2found here

cuddly-dogfound here

lolbrary.com_40191_1386352310found here

funny-dog-cone-plush-toysfound here

funny-dog-dirty-mudfound here

So cute.

So funny.

Love them.

Abby xx

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