My imperfect life

In the world of blogs and social media, we tend to show only the best of ourselves. I often fall in to the trap of wishing my life were more like those ‘perfect’ lives I see and read about in my favourite blogs, and in the Instagram and Facebook feeds of my friends.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that those images we see in blogs, and on social media, capture only one second in a day made up of 86,400 seconds (Yeah, I just googled that…). It’s not difficult to make it look like you’ve got the perfect life for a one second photograph, don’t be fooled into thinking that the other 86,399 seconds of the day look the same.

That said, I recognise that I’m as guilty as anyone for sharing only the good bits, so I thought I might share a bit of the real stuff too.

Let’s start with my spare bedroom.


Beautiful isn’t it? This room is the black hole that swallows everything that I remove from other rooms to make them look tidy. ‘Tidy the spare room’ has been on my to do list for the last four months or so. One day! That fallen pink Huggies box at the front explains the big thud I heard in the middle of the night a few nights ago!

and then there’s what Miss E’s room usually looks like…


and the rug in my loungeroom


Our house is constantly covered in a layer of dog hair. This is what happens if I fail to vacuum for a few days, and what it looks like most of the time.

This black cardigan is a staple in my wardrobe, and has been for the last 3 years or so. The third button down has been broken almost that whole time I’ve owned it, and I’ve still not bothered to repair it. I even wear this cardigan to work, with the broken button. Ha.



This is what I look like most days. I almost never blow dry or style my hair, and often go out with it still wet like this, just after I’ve showered. I rarely wear make up because I’m too lazy, and don’t like how it feels, and so my pimple scars are always on show. My skin always get’s nasty when I’m stressed, and then to make it worse, I’m a chronic picker, and always manage to turn even the most inconspicuous of pimples into a big nasty sore. IMG_4550


I like to share cute photos like this one, of my beautiful family.

but for every good photo like the one above, I have at least ten that look more like this.

Stay Penny!

That’s my soaking wet, filthy dirty dog who decided that barking at every person and dog that walked past was a much better idea than sitting still for a nice family picnic.

Then of course there’s the tree Matt chopped down on to our bridge. Read more here.


We lead a far from perfect life. I’ll try to share a little more of it with you every now and then 🙂

Abby xx


3 thoughts on “My imperfect life

  1. I love this- if you were to go through my house, almost the whole upstairs is like your spare room (except for my beloved craft room!) and we have so many dog fur balls floating around, it is embarrassing. Before we have people over you can bet your bottom dollar that I am frantically rushing around making sure the house is ‘perfect’…yet then open the door with my trackies on and hair not done. Go figure 😛

    1. Sounds like me. If we have people coming over I tidy the living areas, kitchen and bathroom then close the door on any other rooms and hope that I won’t need to open my tupperware cupboard for any reason. 😛

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