Craft projects of yesteryear – Part 1

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a craft project (or 4 or 5) on the go.

As I tidy out my spare bedroom, I’m finding some of my old craft projects, and I thought I’d share them with you.

When I was four, I would construct houses out of paper and paint anything and everything with glitter. My Nanna taught me to knit when I was five or six, and I started knitting myself a scarf which I of course never finished.

When I grew a little older, my craft of choice was cross stitch. I remember going through a stage of cross stitching bookmarks, though where they’ve all ended up now, I have no idea.

In a recent effort at tidying my spare bedroom, I found these stuffed in the bottom of a box.

cross stitch 1

cross stitch 2

cross stitch 3

I don’t remember making any of them, and I’m not sure what I planned to do with them. I love how they were all stitched into a coffee stained piece of aida cloth that I assume my Mum was planning on throwing out, before I whisked it away. I’m not sure what was going to be in that bathtub either!

A project I do remember working on was this ‘lovely’ blanket. The first blanket I ever made.

first blanketThis was my summer holiday project when I was thirteen. It was a feature on Better Homes and Gardens, and the front cover of that months magazine. I bought the magazine with the pattern in it (I was a ridiculously cool teenager. Ha!), and Mum took me out to buy the polar fleece fabric and yellow wool. I cut out the squares, blanket stitched the edges and sewed them together all in a few days.

I was so proud of that blanket. It sat on the end of my bed for years. These days it lives in the bottom of a box. It may not be pretty, or very well executed, but I’ll never throw it out!

It’s nice to look back at where you started out, and see just how far you’ve come.

I’ll share more of these gems with you as I dig them up.

Abby xx


One thought on “Craft projects of yesteryear – Part 1

  1. These are memory makers – and I’m with you! If I had made that blanket, I’d be keeping it and handing it down to my kids. Sadly, I don’t have anything like that, AND I have boys who have absolutely no interest in such things. But I can dream! 🙂

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