Mess free painting with baby

Miss E painted her first masterpiece!

baby painting finalWithout a big mess to clean up! Hurrah!

Here’s how we did it:


Washable kidsafe paint (I used Crayola)

Cardstock for painting on (I used paper and it fell apart once soggy)

A large resealable plastic bag (e.g. glad bag)

Sticky tape to tape to the floor (optional)


Before I let Miss E at the paint, I dolloped a few different colours on the page, and then carefully slid it inside the bag and sealed it up.

baby painting 1

baby painting 2Once all the paint was safely sealed inside, I put the page on the ground so Miss E could ‘smoosh’ all the paint around.

baby painting 3

baby painting 4

baby painting 5She had a lot of fun with this, but it was a challenge to keep it out of her mouth. Next time I’ll be taping it to the floor.

baby painting 6When all the paint has been sufficiently ‘smooshed’, carefully remove the page from inside the bag.

baby painting 7Between Miss E’s scrunching and the sogginess of the paper, I found it very difficult to take the painting out without tearing the paper. Next time we’ll use some heavier card stock.

Leave the masterpiece out to dry, and label once dried.

baby painting finalThen proudly display it on your fridge!

baby painting fridgeLots of fun and no mess!

Abby xx


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