So many questions!

It’s been an absolute, all out germ fest in our house for the last six weeks, and there’s still no light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t seem to matter how sick anyone is though, the kids questions never stop flowing in thick and fast!

I recently read this article about the number of questions young children ask every day, and it resonated with me and my days at home with a three and four year old. Curious, I decided to write down every question the kids asked me for a whole day. It didn’t give me an accurate number for how many questions they actually ask a day, because I didn’t record questions that they asked their Dad, or each other throughout the day, but still, the results were amusing.

So how many questions was I asked yesterday?


And what were they?

In chronological order, with absolutely no context or explanation…

You a bit tired Mummy?

You tired?

What is that?

What are you doing?

You’re wearing that?

What are you wearing?

Is E—— outside?

Is it kindy day today?

Is it kindy day tomorrow?

Why not?

When is it a kindy day?

Why did you say jacket?

Why you little?

Why is my name on there?

When you done, can I have some food?

Have you finished that?

Do we have a plate?

What is lunch?

Do you want to hold this big tower?

Can I flush?

Why does Daddy have lots of hangs for his towels?

Please can I have toast with peanut butter?

Where’s the tissues?

Why did you sharpen it?

Do you like the rainbow best?

Where’s the peanut butter?

Did you know, Daddy showed me, he dogged all the way to the bottom of the sandpit?

Can we go and have a walk?

To a playground?

Can we have a walk to the playground?

What are you writing?

Are you writing a list?

Please have some more water in my cup?

How did you do that so quick?

Is it raining really really later after 6 hours?

Why is it that number?

What is that number for?

Why not number for the flowers?

Why does A—– keep having runny noses?

Do you like mine?

Can you please connect this?

Are you dressed Mummy?

Can you help me please?

Can you wipe my bum?

Can I have beads to make a necklace?

Is it close to R—–‘s birthday?

Why am I not going to R—-‘s birthday?

Can you do the scarecrow song?

Can I have a lolly or chocolate?

Can I make a necklace yet?

Why do you keep writing our names?

Did a ruler make the lines?

What is a messy bun?

Can you put my jumper on?

Why does he keep bringing stuff back?

Can I make the necklace?

Can you please put this on me?


Can I put this on the carpet?

Where’s the red?

What are they?

How many?

Who are they for?

Mummy or Daddy?

Can I have a look in that with you?

Is that the flower book?

Can I have a banana?

Is there any boys in the flower book?

When we a Nanna and Grandad will we grow a baby in our tummy?

Did we get a bunch of these?

Where is anemones?

What are these?

Why they bulbs?

Have you looked at all the pages?

Why not?

Are you done?

Are you on the first page?

Can boys have hair clips?

Can you put this clip in my hair?

Can boys have flower hair ties?

Why’s it not smell?

Why do they bring birthday presents?


When I’m 5 will A—– be 4?

When I’m 5 will E—– be 6?

Please can I have a white rectangle paper?

Is that for me?

Do you like the hands?

Can I have a mummy cuddle?

When were Mummy and Daddy babies?

Who is your Mum and Dad?

Who is Nanna’s Mum?

Does she belong to Nanny B?

What is that?

Can we wash it off?

What is that picture?

Do we need to buy Chicken Butter?

Why are you writing all day?

Why do you connect them together?

Why does it say A—–‘s name?

What is that word?

What is that say?

What is those for?

Can I please have a sandwich?

When is it lunchtime?

Mummy cuddle please.

What were you looking at?

Please can I have another tomato?

How many?

Are we going down the creek?

Why do we grow them in a pot?

Can we plant them?

Is there any seeds in my sunflower?

Is there now?

Mummy, do you want to try these flowers?

Why is there nothing in our letterbox?

Can you take my gum boots off?

When is Daddy coming home?

Can we wrap R—–‘s birthday present?

Is this 7?

What is this number?

Why E—— glue this?

Is there juice in bananas?

Is there juice in apples?

Why you write all day?

How will I stick them on?

Can you open this for me?

Please can I have a white piece of paper?

Can you make a necklace for me?

Can you do this?

Is that us?

Can we make a love heart with beads?

Can we play this game?

Can you open the magnets lid?

Can you put the hippo’s on?

Please can you help?

When can we do this?

When is it dinner time?

Where can I put my clothes?

Can you take my top off?

Are we going to sleep after shower?

Why we not go to bed?

Why we having a bath?


Can I have some fruit?

Can you cut up my orange?

Can I have a banana?

Can we watch tv?

Is it really loud?

Please can you put my leggings on?

Why did you do that?

How would you get down?

Why do they like going in the water?

Do you like to get a top like that?

What is jogging?

Is that Daddy?

Is he on his way home?

Is Daddy coming home now?

When is it dinner time?

Is it dinner time?

What is that time?


What you said?

Is there any more balls?

Where’s your stickers?


Is Daddy coming home?

Are you vacuuming our rooms?

Guess what’s in my mouth?

What does that say?

When is it Christmas?

When is my birthday?

Can you read his book?

When’s it my birthday?

Is Christmas after my birthday?

Is that Nunu?

Did you want to see this book?

Why does it go this way?

Can you do this bit of sticker?

What does that say?

Does it say that?

What does that say?

Is that the same as that one?


What else is in there?

Why is that a little word?

What is a Grinch?


Can you make me a dress?

Can I find what cake I like?

Can I have a ladybug cake for my birthday?

What comes after 16?

What comes after 17?

What comes after 18?

What comes after 19?

What comes after 20?

What comes after 29?

What comes after 30?


Can I have a clock cake for my birthday?

Can we have pumpkin soup?

Is Daddy coming home?

What is it?

Why have you got bread?

What we need?

Forks and knives?


I don’t like that. What is it?

Did we go anywhere?

What was good bout your day Mummy?

What was it?

Do you love Father’s Day?

Why’d Daddy go on couch?

Please can I have some icecream?

Who is that?

What is a thief?

And that was my day! It certainly explains why I’m so tired at the end of every day!

Some of their questions are hilarious and looking back I’m not sure how I come up with answers for everything.

Do you get 218 questions a day too? What’s the best little person question you’ve ever been asked?

Abby x

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