A birthday recipe

I celebrated a birthday a couple of weeks ago and I think I perfected the birthday celebration recipe this year. It’s pretty simple, but I like simple!

Please let me share it with you:

1. Time spent with loved ones

2. Cake (packet mix, store bought, homemade, whatever!)

3. A little personal indulgence

and that’s it.

I’m 100% certain, that this is all I need to have a fabulous birthday, and anything else is just icing on the cake or excessive (a bunch of flowers falls into the ‘icing on the cake’ category ☺️)

So what does 1, 2 & 3 look like?

1. Time spent with loved ones.

In the past, we would go out for dinner to celebrate birthdays, along with the rest of my family and follow it up with cake at home. This year however, I have been more conscious of the amount of money we spend when eating out, and realised that a special meal at home (that I haven’t cooked), with all the right people can be just as enjoyable as eating out and at a fraction of the cost!

And so, we ordered a few of our favourite curry dishes from our local Indian restaurant, Matt made up another batch of curry, and we cooked our own rice and naans at home. My parents came to our house for dinner, we ate mountains of good food and cracked open a bottle of wine that cost us hardly anymore than $10 after buying in bulk. When the kids bedtime rolled around we were able to put them straight to bed. It was perfect, and cost us little!

On the following weekend we had dinner with my in-laws, complete with the delicious apple crumble that my mother in law only ever makes when I’m coming over because she knows how much I love it!

My 3 and 5yo made handmade gifts and cards, and showered me in love, and really that’s all a Mum needs on a birthday!

2. Cake.

This is probably not essential, but it is certainly delicious. Every year I request carrot cake. This year it came in the form of a half cheesecake shop cake, which was the perfect size for the people we had gathered to share it with, and for the 32 candles jammed on top of it!

3. A little personal indulgence.

For me, this is simply doing something that I wouldn’t normally do, just for myself, as a little treat. I’m not relying on anyone else to ‘guess what is in my head’ with what I’d like to do for my birthday, I’m doing it myself.

This year that meant I purchased a few pretty little unnecessary but happiness inducing items from Etsy, I had a fresh haircut (a rare occurrence for me!), and I took advantage of a child free day and went to see the Ben Quilty exhibit at the Art Gallery of South Australia

It was a bit of a luxury to walk about the gallery by myself, as I almost always have the kids with me when I go. I also had a particularly surreal moment when I was reading the writing on the wall of The Studio (pictured above) and then realised that the other person in the room with me, standing beside me reading this, was Paul Kelly himself!

Another special thing I did for my birthday, was to push myself a little out of my comfort zone and attend a gathering of like minded Barossa ladies for the Slow Gathering Barossa on the day of my birthday. It was a lovely way to put a face to the many Instagram handles I had been following and connecting with for years! A beautiful location, delicious baked goods, a fabulous trading table and many friendly faces – a wonderful morning in short!

All in all, a fantastic recipe for a fabulous birthday!

Do you have any special traditions or ‘must dos’ for birthdays?

Have you been to see Quilty? If not, it’s brilliant and you most definitely need to see it!

Abby x