A Busy Week

It’s been a busy week for us!

We started out with picking Matt up from the airport after a work trip on Saturday night, just in time for Father’s day the next day.

Miss E and I made this cute little card for Daddy. Idea found here.

fathers day card 1

fathers day card 2


(Daddy’s version doesn’t have the heart over the face!)

We spent our Father’s day visiting our Dad’s, having a picnic lunch, watching the footy (Australian rules football)  and then moving all the furniture in the house when I decided I wanted a change at 8:30pm on a Sunday night. Haha, he’s a super daddy and a very patient husband!

On Monday we took Miss E to the Royal Adelaide Show.


I think we had more fun than Miss E did, but she really enjoyed seeing and patting the animals.

IMG_5181This might have been a nicer photo without my double chin. Ha!

She wasn’t too sure about the clowns, but was pretty happy with the pink fairy wand she won as a prize!

It feels like I’ve spent half my days saying ‘No’ on repeat. She may not be crawling yet, but she rolls EVERYWHERE and is in to EVERYTHING. We had a 20 minute argument about not touching the speaker here.


As you can see in the picture above, with the cords hanging about, we’re still in the process of sorting out new homes for everything after I insisted on moving all the furniture around.

I worked Thursday, and Matt spent the day with Miss E, managing to slip in an IKEA trip to buy some shelves for our new play area.


There’s a lot more work to be done in here, but we’ll get there eventually.

In the moments in-between, we’ve been enjoying all that Spring brings to our garden.


The creek is greening up, and looking like a bit of a jungle.


and our apricot tree is starting to blossom. I can’t wait to see all the flowers out.

and now it’s the weekend, and I’m looking forward to some couch time, reading a book, and finishing off the quilt I’m working on.

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week too!

Abby xx


August roundup


We celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this month, as well as Miss Penny’s birthday, and the rest of the month was pretty cruisy. Just the way I like it.

IMG_4240Matt found some ricotta cheese going cheap and so decided to make spinach and ricotta ravioli. Somehow I got conned in to helping. See those little fork marks on the edges? I did those!

IMG_4339Miss E and I explored the kitchen cupboards for things to play with. A muffin tray full of duplo bricks makes a fantastic sound when you kick it! Or so Miss E thinks…


Matt had my best interests in mind when hiding the chocolate, but I found it anyway.

He also had a bit of a funny mishap with chopping down a tree.


Someone has discovered the TV cabinet drawers and cupboards.


We’ve made a point of making our Sunday’s a family day, and usually end up in a park somewhere.

IMG_4660Penny and I have been putting our feet up and soaking up the sun whenever we get the chance.

Speaking of sun, I can take further advantage of it now with my new washing line! Woo!!!!


I’ve been reading:

12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup.

This was a fascinating read. Northup was a free African American man, kidnapped and sold into slavery. This book was his account of his experiences as a slave for 12 years. It’s a heart wrenching and heart warming story about the best and worst of humanity. It took me a little while to get into this book, but once I’d sunk my teeth into it, I devoured the whole thing in a couple of days.

I’ve been making:

IMG_4236Some cute little bibs for a beautiful baby boy we met last week.


I finished another triangle quilt top but haven’t gone any further with it yet.


I then made another quilt as a gift which I can’t share just yet, but here’s the bias tape that I decided to make instead of buying pre-made. Everytime I make a quilt I tell myself to buy bias tape this time, then when I go to buy it I think it’s a waste of money and decide to make it. Then when I make it, I vow to buy it next time. Only to repeat it all over again.


and the crochet blanket is so very nearly done.

I’ve been listening to:

I downloaded the ‘I Heart Radio’ app, and have been listening to some new music that’s similar to the stuff I already know and love. I tend to listen to the same CD’s and playlists over and over again, so some new tunes feels refreshing and helps makes boring housework a little more bearable.

August, you were swell, especially this last glorious sunshiny week!

Here’s to September, and Spring!

Abby xx

Kitchen and Lounge: Before and After

In a few weeks time, it will be two years since we bought our first home. Two years on and it’s looking a bit different (better I hope!).

So I thought I’d share a few before and afters, starting with the kitchen and living areas.

Kitchen – Before:

IMG_4291Our house is 30 years old, but the kitchen was only two years old when we bought the house. It’s not to my taste, but it’s functional, and so it remains until we’ve run out of more important things to deal with. We have made some minor improvements though.

Kitchen – After:


We took out the ugly skylight and put pendant lights in, removed the lacy curtains, the walls have had a lick of paint and I painted some Ikea stools to brighten it up a bit. Oh, and there’s the baby gates!

I can’t wait to rip it all out and start again at some point. I don’t like the cupboards, the stove, the bench tops, the tiles or the sink. So that’s pretty much the whole thing.

One day!

and then there’s the lounge..




Like most of the rooms in our house, we got in there and ripped everything out, plugged up any holes, and painted it a nice neutral white. I’m a big fan of colour, but that red wall and yellow curtain combination just wasn’t going to work for me. Especially since those curtains were stapled to the walls!?!?!?!


and another angle of the lounge room…

Before: We’d already ripped those lovely yellow curtains out by this point, and the lounge was tool central while we worked on the bedrooms




There was a rather useless dividing wall between the front door and our lounge room that we decided had to go.




Here I am, after work one evening, smashing that wall down!


no wall

The wall is gone, but we still haven’t done anything about replacing the flooring, so we have this lovely section of exposed concrete instead. This room’s also in desperate need of curtains, they’ve been on my to do list for so long, but I just can’t decide what I want.

So there’s been progress, it definitely looks better, but we’ve got a long way to go as well!

Abby xx

Pizza Oven: A Work in Progress

I can’t take any credit for this project, I just provide moral support, Matt does all the real work.

When we bought our house, there was a fernery, aviary and tank, immediately behind the house. We knew we didn’t want to keep any of it there and planned to rip it all out and grass the area.


Of course, it didn’t work out that way…


When it came to pulling the concrete stand out, we discovered that the concrete went deep into the ground, and it would be best for us to leave it where it was. So then we were left wondering what on earth to do with this big circular slab of concrete sticking out of the ground.

It didn’t require a huge imagination to come up with the idea for a pizza oven.

and so, work began.







The most recent addition has been the concrete slab, that will form the base of the oven, and the roof for the wood storage below. The section to the right of the round pizza oven will make up more wood storage, a bench and Matt’s hoping to include a tandoor as well.

Apart from the concrete used to hold it all together, it’s made entirely from recycled materials.

Matt’s doing an amazing job. He constantly astounds me with what he seems to be able to create from nothing. I just can’t wait to see it finished, and have our first pizza night!

Abby xx

Bedside Table Test

I believe that if you look at someones bedside table, you’ll learn a lot about them.

If you look inside their bedside table you’ll probably learn more than you want to know about them…

bedside table

This is a photo of my bedside table, mid morning on a Sunday, but it looks pretty much like this all the time, unless we have visitors coming over and I’ve just done a mad clean up.

So what does my bedside table say about me:

  • I’m not a neat and tidy person.  Everything is covered in dust, there’s a cobweb in the lampshade and not one of the three drawers is pushed all the way in, probably because something has slipped down the back of them, and so the drawer won’t slide all the way in. I don’t clean anywhere near as often as I should!
  • I’ve got a cold at the moment. Tissues and water close at hand
  • I like to read, but can’t commit to one book at a time. I draw the line at 5 books. Any more than that and I can’t keep up.
  • I’m a Mum. Video monitor by my bed and a parenting book.
  • I have a husband with a silly sense of humour. That photo frame is made up of lots of little photos of Penny in the shape of the words ‘Monkey Chicken’. Somehow, this became our pet name for each other and the dog. Matt made this little masterpiece for me last Christmas.
  • I love music. My alarm clock has iPod/iphone connectivity, and I use it to listen to audiobooks, podcasts and music.
  • I wish I was fit and healthy. That’s my Fitbit, sitting on the bedside table, not on my wrist where it should be, and that glass babushka doll is a little carafe, that’s supposed to make me drink me more water. It’s empty, because I keep forgetting to fill it, but at least I’ve got my drink bottle there right?!
  • My mind runs at a hundred mile an hour, 24/7. There’s a pen sitting there, and a notepad underneath my bedside table, to write down all the little things that occur to me just after I go to bed.

and that’s what my bedside table says about me!

Abby xx