Arranging the change table

When we were putting the Nursery together, I had all the aesthetics worked out and none of the practicalities. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, but little idea about what we really needed or how it would be used.


Quite the Pinterest addict, I searched ‘change table organisation’ and found little inspiration.

So initially everything was just heaped into pretty baskets, and over time, with trial and error, we’ve finally found the system that works for us.



On the top shelf we keep the items we need close to hand during a nappy change. Nappies, wipes, tissues, Sorbolene, hand sanitiser and nappy rash cream.



Behind the nappies and wipes, are the burp cloths, extra boxes of tissues, nail clippers, hair brush etc.

Blankets, swaddle wraps and bibs live on the bottom shelf.


We have a Sangenic nappy disposal bin and this blue bucket is serving as our dirty clothes basket until I find a pretty alternative.


We bought the change table second hand, with a few bumps and scratches that we’d planned to paint over, but never got around to actually doing it. I made a pretty cover for the foam insert and that’s as far as we got!

To protect the pretty pink cover from ‘messes’, we place a cloth nappy underneath Miss E when changing, and swap it out for a clean one when necessary.

The cute little puppy dog was a gift. It’s one of those ring-pull toys that sings ‘How much is that doggy in the window’. Miss E loves it, and it’s stopped many a grizzle during the changing process.


Our system is by no means perfect. We’re constantly tweaking it. But for now, it works.

And it looks pretty 🙂

Abby xx

The Nursery


It’s no secret that Matt and I love a good DIY project. We bought our first home only 16 months ago, and have been non-stop renovating ever since.

From day dot we had decided that the smallest bedroom in our little 3 bedroom home, would one day become the nursery.

The room when we bought the house

As we did with the rest of the house before we moved in, we stripped the old smelly, ugly room and repainted and re-carpetted it.

Removing the built in robe – most gracefully.
Freshly painted and carpeted.
Freshly painted and carpeted.

and then it looked like this, along with all the junk stored in there for the next year.

So even though the worst of the work was done in the nursery, we had along way to go before this room would look like a pretty little girls nursery.

About two months ago we finished, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.




We painted the room in grey and white stripes, so it could be used for a little boy one day, if we have one.

The drawers are an old set of pine drawers we had in our bedroom when we first lived together. Matt stripped them back, painted them and put on new knobs. I had originally wanted these to be pink, but Matt was adamant that they should be this colour, and I’m glad I went with his choice!

The floor rug is from IKEA. I had searched and searched for months, trying to find a rug I liked for under $300, and then found this for $79! The shallow book shelves are also from IKEA.

I made the triangle quilt hanging on the cot entirely from scrap fabric I had.

The tissue paper flowers hung above the cot were copied from a pinterest pin I found and cost me all of about $10 make.

I picked up the chair on clearance, and sewed two pieces of mink together to make a blanket and bring a splash of colour to the chair. I also made the little cushion on the chair from scrap fabric.

We had so much fun putting this room together. I often find myself sitting in there and admiring our handiwork.

Now we just have to wait these last few days until our little lady arrives to start using this beautiful room.

Abby xx