Imperfect Parenting

Most of the time I feel like I’m doing a good job at this parenting thing.

Most of the time I’m the kind of parent I want to be.

And then every once in a while (yesterday afternoon), I’m the parent at the end of their tether who plonks their kid in front of the TV so they can sit on the couch and eat their McDonalds in peace.

IMG_5410She was glued to that screen! It was a little scary how mesmerised she was, but I guess it’s pretty amazing if you’re not normally allowed to watch it.

For those wondering, I managed to eat my McDonalds in peace, regretted it immediately, and even got halfway through looking through the junk mail before PlaySchool finished and I had to plug back in to the real world.

These days are numbered, for soon she’ll be wanting me to share those fries, and I think it’s best we don’t go there. We’ll see.

Abby xx





I’m going through a Jodi Picoult stage at the moment. I’m currently reading Perfect Match and have just finished Vanishing Act. They’re a nice simple read and I always get hooked quickly, then read the whole book in a few days.

When I came across this paragraph in Vanishing Act, I had to capture it. It’s exactly right.

book quote

It made me think of those first few days after I had Miss E, when I realised that I would never again, for the rest of my life, stop worrying about this little person. The thought was so exhausting on that third baby blues day, that it made me cry.

Exhausting as all that worrying is, and will be, it’s absolutely worth it 🙂

Abby xx